Bedroom Stories: Swedish Army Wages Campaign Against Sexist, Nazi Scrawling


Although described as “age old,” the conscripts’ habit of leaving saucy or inflammatory remarks on their bunks for their own or their peers’ amusement has fetched the attention of the Swedish defense, which found it “unacceptable” and stated that it contradicted its “value base.”

The Swedish government has decided to allocate funds from the defense budget for the purchase of new beds after discovering widespread politically incorrect, sexist and pornographic messages scribbled and etched by none other than the draftees themselves, national broadcaster SVT reported.

After discovering “Nazi, sexist and pornographic messages,” the Amphibian Regiment in Haninge, Stockholm County, decided to replace the bunks. Although the signs of vandalism admittedly could be the product of a bygone era, they nevertheless triggered a serious reply.

“This is unacceptable, this is not what we stand for,” communications manager Magnus Lindstedt commented.

The scribblings were found to resonate badly with the Armed Forces’ so-called “value base,” a broad notion involving a system of politically correct beliefs about women, feminism, minorities, the LGBT community and the gender issue.

“Those who hold such views should consider whether they still have anything to do in the Armed Forces,” Magnus Lindstedt told SVT.

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According to Lindstedt, the first warnings…

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