Swedish Flight Services Reportedly Busted Directing UAE Warplanes to Yemen

Middle East

Although the cooperation between the Swedish flight services and the United Arab Emirates is civilian-only on paper, Swedish air traffic controllers have testified to UAE aircraft carrying military equipment on their way to and from Yemen, raising suspicions of Sweden’s passive involvement in the conflict.

Contrary to the assurances by the Sweden’s Civil Aviation Administration (LFV) of the strictly civilian nature of its cooperation with the United Arab Emirates, several Swedish professionals working in the UAE revealed that the LFV staff has been handling military flights on a daily basis, involving both fighter jets and transport aircraft, headed for Yemen, among others, Swedish Radio reported.

The LFV’s wholly-owned subsidiary has since 2013 collaborated on the airline management of five airports in the United Arab Emirates, a country involved in the Yemeni war as part of the Saudi-led coalition.

Air traffic controller Jan Källström, who worked at Abu Dhabi International Airport between 2015 and 2017 admitted seeing military equipment being loaded on board a military freight plane at the airport.

“I could see them loading in a helicopter or a tank, so that’s definitely weapons,” Källström told Swedish Radio.

According to Källström, there was a designated fenced-off military area at the airport where he worked where major military freight aircraft were stationed. Källström admitted…

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