US Gave Israel Tacit Consent to Bomb Alleged Syrian Nuclear Reactor – Reports

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Last week, Israeli military officials revealed details of a secret operation, thereby confirming they had conducted an airstrike on a suspected Syrian nuclear facility in 2007.

According to The Jerusalem Post, former US President George W. Bush and Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert had had a meeting in the private residence at the White House, where they celebrated the destruction of the so-called Syrian reactor over cigars.

‘Israel is Lying, What They Bombed in 2007 Wasn’t a Nuclear Facility’ — Analyst

Bush allegedly told Olmert that he didn’t “think you would have the courage to do it,” while Olmert responded that he had told him he “would do it.” Then, the US President boasted of being taller than his Israeli counterpart that was later sealed by a graphic picture: the two leaders standing back-to-back in an attempt to measure their height. According to the author of the Jerusalem Post article, the picture was signed by President Bush with the words, “I’ve got your back.”

Israel Defense Forces Hit Hamas Targets in Gaza Strip

In his 2010 memoir “Decision Points,” Bush wrote that he had discussed intelligence about the facility with Olmert before it was eliminated, although he did not give him the signal to strike it.

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President Bush, right, shakes hands with Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, Wednesday,…

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