As Man Jailed for Radicalizing ‘Army of Children’ Can UK Get Grip on Madrassahs?

Umar Haque worked at several Islamic schools and madrassahs in east London, where he had access to dozens of boys, who he radicalized by showing them beheading videos and Daesh propaganda.

One of the institutions he worked at was the Ripple Road Mosque in Barking, east London, where despite being employed as an administrator he was given access to dozens of children.

In a five-hour phone conversation in March 2017 — which was recorded by police — Haque told a friend he had radicalized 16 children.

The Metropolitan Police moved in to arrest Haque, a Daesh sympathizer, and two other men.

Daesh Supporter Tried to Radicalize 55 Children

Social workers and police officers realized Haque had attempted to radicalize 55 children aged between 11 at 14 while working at Ripple Road Mosque.

He also had access to children at the Lantern of Knowledge Islamic School in Leyton, which was ironically given a glowing report by Ofsted only months before he was arrested.

Speaking after the trial, Security Minister Ben Wallace had welcomed the conviction of Haque and his co-defendants.

© Photo: Metropolitan Police

This marquee at the Ripple Road Mosque in Barking was where radicalized young boys

“This government is unwavering in its resolve to combat all forms of terrorism, whatever the underlying motivation. This case raises some important issues, including the fact that some extremists are targeting children,…

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