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On Monday, Israeli parliamentary committee approved a controversial bill to extend military draft immunities to ultra-Orthodox men.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has reached a compromise with his Orthodox coalition allies that could prevent early elections.

Earlier, Benjamin Netanyahu said that “there was no reason” for an early vote “if there is good will.”

The Israeli media suggested that early elections may be held in June and that the ongoing corruption investigation could spoil Netanyahu’s chances of winning those elections.

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In February, Israeli police said that they had collected sufficient evidence to support claims that Netanyahu committed fraud and took bribes. Commenting on the accusations, Netanyahu declared his innocence and promised to continue governing the country and to lead his party into the next election.

Police are investigating Netanyahu for corruption in two cases — one involving gifts from Hollywood tycoon Arnon Milchen, the other one concerning his unscrupulous means of gaining support from one of the Israeli newspapers.

According to the recent polls, Netanyahu’s party is likely to win the snap election even despite the fact of accusations of corruption charges.

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