In his NYT piece, Sanger pointed out that Britain had always served as a reliable partner for the US in areas including security, intelligence and trade. “Few nations were as willing to put a thumb as firmly on the scales of European debates in ways that benefit the United States,” Sanger wrote. 

“Now that quiet diplomatic leverage – including moderating European trade demands and strong-arming nations to contribute more to NATO military missions – is suddenly diminished,” the journalist wistfully added.

Speaking to the newspaper, US analysts bitterly complained that the Brexit has come at a very inconvenient time for the West, while Washington and its allies are in the midst of a debate on how to deal with “a revanchist Russia,” and how to “reinvigorate NATO,” reach agreement on the TTIP trade deal, and “work through a diplomatic settlement in Syria that could relieve the migrant crisis in Europe.”

“Now, with Britain’s exit…whatever passed for long-term plans – a [European Union] that gradually takes a greater role in its region and the Middle East as America devotes more attention to Asia – are imperiled,” Sanger warned.

Accordingly, because there is no other country inside the EU capable of taking the UK’s place in serving as the US’s chief source of influence over the bloc, Washington, according to the journalist, is forced…

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