Socom Athlete Enjoys Camaraderie of DoD Warrior Games

WEST POINT, N.Y., June 21, 2016 — For U.S. Special Operations Command team member Army Staff Sgt. Mark Shrewsbury, competing in his first Department of Defense Warrior Games at the U.S. Military Academy here has been about more than just the medals. It was about camaraderie and experiencing a sense of family.

“Since I’ve been with Socom this past year, they’ve treated me like family, and I found out you don’t have to be a special operator,” the public affairs specialist said. “You can be support. You can be anyone within the special operations arena, and they’re going to treat you like family.”

Overcoming Injury

Shrewsbury, who will retire from the Army in December after 20 years of service, said he joined the military to see the world. He said his favorite experience in his career was participating in a 2013 airborne operation into Australia and spending two weeks in the Outback.

In June 2014, he was diagnosed with a stage 4 metastatic malignant melanoma, otherwise known as skin cancer. Last year, it metastasized in his brain, but he is in remission after surgery.

He said he learned about adaptive sports from his Care Coalition representative and was invited to the trials. Shrewsbury said he was hesitant at first, because he saw that others had missing limbs from combat missions.

“I’m in remission, so I was hesitant to do this, but they welcomed me in,” he said. “The other teammates, they explained to…

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