Former Cadet Returns to Military Academy as Warrior Games Competitor

WEST POINT, N.Y., June 21, 2016 — Helping his team win the bronze medal during the 200-meter swim relay at the 2016 Department of Defense Warrior Games at the U.S. Military Academy here yesterday meant a lot to Sean Walsh, a West Point graduate.

Walsh, who medically retired as a captain after serving in civil affairs with U.S. Special Operations Command, competed on the Socom team and said being back in the Crandall Pool after 15 years was an emotional day for him.

“I wanted to be an Army officer and a soldier, so I thought this was the best place to get that training,” he said of his decision to attend the academy. “I was very excited to come here and very honored to be a part of this.” As a student, he swam competitively for one year.

“It was a pretty big jump for me,” he said. “I definitely learned a lot about working hard, but after a year, I wasn’t getting any better, so that was the end of my collegiate career.”

His father, Bob Walsh, said the academy was a good influence on his son. “Sean always gives 100 percent, so when he came here, he had improved a great deal, and that’s always been the way he does things,” he said. “He came up here academically and got better as the four years came by, and it helped him a great deal to grow as a person.”

Returning to Crandall Pool

Walsh said it was interesting being back where he had spent so much time years ago. “It was really emotional when I came…

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