Canadian soldiers teach and learn from NATO allies during Exercise ANAKONDA

Approximately 170 soldiers of the Operation REASSURANCE Land Task Force (LTF) have concluded their training with NATO allies during Exercise ANAKONDA, a large-scale military exercise that took place from June 6 to 17, 2016, in Poland.

The exercise, which brought together over 31,000 troops from 23 countries, was spread across nine different locations throughout the country. In the Wędrzyn Training Area in the Western part of Poland, Canadians rehearsed joint air-mobile and urban-combat drills alongside American, British, Polish and Turkish soldiers.

“This was an excellent training event and I am proud of the work that Canadian soldiers did here during Exercise ANAKONDA,” said Major Eric Beauchamp, LTF Commander. “At all rank levels and across the various trades in our contingent, Canadians used this opportunity to refine their soldiering skills and share their knowledge with our allies.”

For much of the exercise, Canadian infanteers practiced defensive and offensive urban-combat tactics in a training area that resembled a small town. In structures designed to replicate hospitals, post offices, hotels and apartment blocks, they rehearsed a wide range of essential drills, including ways of entering buildings, scanning for traps, and engaging enemy forces. They also conducted air-mobile and fast-rope maneuvers with the support of Polish helicopters. Training scenarios were very realistic, taking place both in daylight and at nighttime.

During a task where Canadians had to…

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