Brigadier-General Jennie Carignan: An Army frame of mind

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Ottawa, Ontario — Now a Brigadier-General, Jennie Carignan’s first steps in the Canadian Army (CA) were made with new challenges in mind. Literally.

“My journey in the military started as a young adult looking for something more. I was attending CEGEP in Sherbrooke, Quebec in science and I was very much interested in engineering. So, I took it from there,” said BGen Carignan, the Canadian Army’s first female general in Combat Arms. She went on to attend Royal Military College  in Kingston, Ontario and studied fuels and materials engineering.

BGen Carignan, who is from Asbestos, Quebec, joined the CA in 1986, recently went back to school – this time at the Canadian Forces College  in Toronto – prior to her promotion to Brigadier-General on June 15.  The six-month course focused on national security and was attended by executives in the Canadian public service, representatives of foreign countries and the more obvious Canadian Armed Forces officers.

Between her first degree and this latest course, BGen Carignan also earned a Master’s in Business Administration (Université Laval) and a Master’s of Military Arts and Science (United States Army School of Advanced Military Studies in Kansas). “It’s very important to learn something.”

Learning has much to do with why BGen Carignan remains with the CA after 30 years of service. “There are always good opportunities and I have taken them as they came. I work…

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