Maple Flag 49: It’s not only about flying

By Captain Mathew Strong

At first glance, Exercise Maple Flag has all the action of a blockbuster movie, with world-class fighter, state-of-the art transport, sophisticated surveillance, and tactical helicopter aircraft working together to solve a collective problem in the face of a ruthless (yet fictitious) enemy.

But behind the scenes, other training objectives are being met, all of which are vital to the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) mission.

One training platform is the Tactical Electronic Warfare Instructors Course, or TEWIC, being conducted during the first period of the exercise.

“This exercise is a great opportunity for us to complete a host of training requirements as part of this course,” said the TEWIC’s head instructor, whose call sign is “Scuba”..

Scuba explains that the TEWIC is an advanced level qualification course for a variety of Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) trades and disciplines, including fighter, long range patrol and air mobility aircrew, along with intelligence and engineering/scientific personnel. 

The goal of the course is to prepare its 29 candidates to operate effectively in today’s highly specialized, joint and combined, modern electronic warfare environment.

It is the RCAF’s most advanced multi-fleet training program, and brings together some of the most modern techniques and technologies in warfare today.

Electronic Warfare is the ability to control the electromagnetic spectrum to the advantage of our own forces, or deny the use of the…

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