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  • Courtesy of MRFF Courtesy of MRFF

When President Obama heads to the Air Force Academy in Colorado on Wednesday, it’s entirely possible he’ll catch glimpse of a welcoming billboard — or perhaps even a banner towed by a plane — asking "Why is Jesus Commander-in-Chief here?"

The billboards are bearing a message from the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, a civil rights organization that for a decade has been fighting to maintain a separation of church and state within the military.

And nowhere has the group fought more often than at the Colorado Springs-based service academy, where in 2004 the commandant urged cadets to use a "J is for Jesus" hand sign to signify their faith and just this past year the school’s football team routinely gathered in what could only be seen as a Christian prayer at the start of their games.

Even when the Air Force conceded there was a problem, however, it has never taken serious action to stop the behavior, according to Mikey Weinstein, president and founder of the MRFF.

"We thought the best way to bring attention to this issue was to put up the billboards [for Obama to see], as he does the last commencement of his presidency," Weinstein said.

The White House did…

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