In the weeks and months before Tuesday’s ceremony to rename the Troop and Family Medical Clinic on Fort Bragg, officials with Womack Army Medical Center searched for the family of Pvt. Kelly W. Byars.

Byars is a Salisbury native who served with the 82nd Airborne Division in World War II.

He earned a Silver Star for his heroism during Operation Market Garden. He died in Florida in 1979.

"It was hard to find much beyond the (Silver Star) citation," said Col. Lance C. Raney, the commander of Womack.

The hospital was unable to find any of Byars’ family. So, Raney said, they would add him to one.

"Today, we’re welcoming Pvt. Byars back to our family," Raney said, standing before the newly dubbed Pvt. Kelly W. Byars Health Clinic.

The 51,000-square-foot building serves more than 16,000 soldiers, airmen, retirees and family members, officials said.

The Woodruff Street clinic is a perfect microcosm of Fort Bragg, which features a mix of service members from all branches, said Air Force Col. Alesia C. Carrizales, commander of the 43rd Medical Squadron.

"We have civilians, airmen and soldiers working side by side," Carrizales said.

They train together, celebrate together and all are "dedicated to the highest quality medical care," she said.

During an attack in Holland in 1944, Byars’ platoon came under withering fire from machine guns and rifles. As the unit’s…

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