Approximately 40 Canadian soldiers deployed as part of the Operation REASSURANCE Land Task Force (LTF) have concluded their anti-tank training alongside allies in Pabradė, Lithuania.

Exercise HUNTER, which took place from May 9 to 19, 2016, brought together soldiers from Canada, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, the United Kingdom and the United States.

“Anti-tank doctrine is similar among most of our allies, but there are some nuances,” said Captain Mike St-Pierre, the platoon commander for the Canadian contingent participating in the exercise. “This was a good exercise because it allowed our guys to fire their anti-tank weapon and rehearse their drills. Our soldiers welcomed the opportunity to master their skills using the Carl Gustav.”

During the exercise, allies practiced techniques to attack and ambush armoured vehicles, as well as to block or delay the advances. Live-fire drills on ranges offered opportunities to shoot anti-tank weapons in simulated combat scenarios.

A key feature of the exercise was the formation of multinational platoons. The Canadian-led platoon featured two Canadian sections and a Latvian section. Likewise, Canadians were attached to Latvian- and American-led platoons for some scenarios. Such arrangements are opportunities to highlight similarities, learn about different approaches and overcome language barriers.

“I was impressed with Canadians’ capabilities, and ability to understand intent and implement it without oversight,” said 1st…

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