Trenton, Ontario – The question most often asked of SkyHawks members is, “Why do you jump out of perfectly good airplanes?” The long version of the answer is as unique as each team member but the short version is common to all, “Because we love it!

The SkyHawks is the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) military parachute demonstration team.

Established in 1971, members of the SkyHawks have now been captivating audiences with their daring aerial formations using their signature Canadian flag canopies for 45 years. Since its inception, the team has performed at more than 5,000 venues in Canada and the United States and interacted with over 75 million spectators.

This is, in a lot of ways, the best job in the Army,” said Captain Jake Porter, Team Captain of the SkyHawks and a member of the Royal 22e Régiment.

I get the rare opportunity to lead a phenomenal group of soldiers, and travel and jump with them from coast to coast across our great nation and into the United States. Along the way I have the opportunity to interact with the public, which as an Infantry Officer, is something unique.

The majority of our training, including when I parachuted with 3R22eR, is done away from the public for a variety of reasons. The SkyHawks is the perfect avenue for the CAF to show our population what their Canadian Armed Forces are capable of.

The team is made up of 16 highly skilled and professional CAF members with a wide range of military experience. Members can be either Regular or…

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