Ukrainian instructors partake in the latest Use of Force Course taught in Kiev during Operation UNIFIER

By: Captain J.P. Coulombe, Public Affairs Officer, Joint Task Force (Ukraine)

The Canadian Military Police has been training Ukrainian military police in use of force tactics and theory since the fall of 2015 on Operation UNIFIER. This training is designed to teach basic arrest procedures employing reasonable, necessary and legally justifiable force.

For this latest iteration, the course candidates consisted of a wide range of Ukrainian military police officers and non-commissioned members with varied domestic policing and operational experience.  For the first time, the course was instructed by Canadian military police use of force instructors assisted by Ukrainian military policemen who had been identified as top students on previous courses.  Warrant Officer Nezvynskyi is one of these candidates: “The Use of Force training we have received from the Canadians has increased our knowledge and skills. The training will allow us to teach our own forces to a higher standard.”

One of the strategic aims of the training programme is to develop Ukrainian capacity by employing the train-the-trainer concept. The teaching of modern tactics enhances the Ukrainian Military Police status as a trusted and professional organization ready to meet the needs of the Ukrainian military.

Theoretical training on the Use of Force Model was emphasized throughout the courses. The Canadian-developed Use of Force Model and its theoretical application is a concept that both Military Police and the…

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