By:  Captain J.P. Coulombe, Public Affairs Officer, Joint Task Force (Ukraine)

After almost four months on the ground, the 2nd Canadian Division members deployed under Operation UNIFIER have completed another round of small team training in Starychi, Ukraine. The Canadian instructors and Ukrainian trainees celebrated with a graduation parade on April 30, 2016.

During the training, Canadian military personnel passed on precious knowledge to a company of Ukrainian Armed Forces members.

Working in close cooperation with their American and Lithuanian counterparts who instructed two other companies, the Canadians gradually adapted the training to develop the abilities of the Ukrainian soldiers. They started by developing each soldier’s individual skills, and then methodically moved on to an exercise at the battalion level.

Small team training is designed to develop four basic capabilities: shoot, move, communicate and survive. However, the instructors adjust the training program based on the needs and skills of the trainees. During this serial, the Canadians adapted the training programs due to the eagerness of the trainees to develop particular abilities. The 55-day cycle was therefore more focused on individual skills, such as shooting and navigation.

One of the Canadian platoon commanders was truly satisfied with the result: “Training experienced soldiers implies that things have to be shown in a different way. The Canadian instructors refined the training and these changes…

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