HMCS Fredericton Completes Operations in the Black Sea

On April 21, 2016, HMCS Fredericton completed her mission in the Black Sea where she led Standing NATO Maritime Group Two Task Unit Two (SNMG2 TU 02) in conducting a number of joint NATO training exercises and maritime situational awareness operations. HMCS Fredericton joined Standing NATO Maritime Forces earlier in 2016 as part of Operation REASSURANCE, Canada’s support to NATO assurance measures in Central and Eastern Europe.

While in the Black Sea, SNMG2 TU02 comprised the flagship HMCS Fredericton, and Romanian frigate ROS Regina Maria. During this period they were joined by other allied ships from Bulgaria and Turkey. This task unit was led by Commander Trevor MacLean, Commanding Officer of HMCS Fredericton.

“The ability to quickly integrate as a task group payed dividends in our Black Sea operations,” said Commander MacLean. “It enabled us to effectively operate together in an often complex environment.”

SNMG2 TU02 ships executed interoperability exercises throughout the month of April. This training was designed to enhance communications between allies and allow them the opportunity to practice working together effectively. Further, SNMG2 TU02 was deployed to the Black Sea to support NATO assurance measures and demonstrate Canada’s commitment to NATO.

The exercises performed by SNMG2 TU02 were tailored to encompass air, submarine and surface warfare situations, wherein Canadian Armed Forces members worked as a cohesive unit with Romanian, Turkish and Bulgarian…

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