By: Logistics Officer deployed on Operation UNIFIER

Close to 200 Canadian military personnel are taking part in Operation UNIFIER in Ukraine. The primary purpose of this soldier deployment is to assist the Ukrainian Armed Forces in developing and strengthening their military capabilities. Logistical skills and capabilities (maintenance, transportation, supply and ammunition management) are of critical importance to a modern armed force.

It is for this reason that Canadian military instructors specializing in logistics have been deployed to the Yavoriv Training Centre, located in Western Ukraine. “We deal with every aspect of logistics in our training sessions. So far, we’ve offered training in the areas of supply, convoys, maintenance and vehicle towing,” explains Major Melissa Ramessar, the senior officer in charge of this group of instructors consisting of experienced logistical officers and NCOs.

The training activities are carried out in collaboration with the activities staged by American military instructors. Since the start of their mission, the Canadian logisticians have been teaching a support platoon from a battalion of 25 Separate Dnipropetrovsk Airborne Brigade. “Starting in April 2016, our efforts will be divided between training aimed at upgrading the military capabilities of the senior officials and the Ukrainian staff,” notes Major Ramessar. “The second portion will focus on instructing and guiding the Ukrainian instructors.”

The common goal of all this…

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