Four 5 CMBG members at the heart of change in Ukraine

By: Canadian Liaison Officer with Joint Multinational Training Group – Ukraine

Since the fall of 2015, under Operation UNIFIER, four 5 Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group (5 GBMC) task force members have contributed to the establishment of the multinational Brigade Headquarters (HQ) located at Starychi in Ukraine, the Joint Multinational Training Group – Ukraine (JMTG-U).

JMTG-U was stood up in October 2015 with the arrival of the advance party of 20 soldiers, including four Canadians. The four members of 5 CMBG joined a British liaison officer, a Lithuanian officer and 14 US National Guard reservists.

Within the HQ, the Canadians’ roles are multinational liaison, planning, standardization and range management. During training, the HQ standardization officer ensures that assessment criteria and content taught to the Ukrainians by Canadians and Americans are identical. The Master Warrant Officer is in charge of managing the movements on the firing ranges to ensure everyone’s safety as tank and mortar firing exercises and infantry training are conducted in the various areas of the Starychi base.

We have to recommend changes, set up a structure and lead these tasks with the troops trained here at Starychi,” noted the JMTG-U planning officer from 12e Régiment Blindé du Canada.

In mid-February, 30 additional personnel, mainly US soldiers, came to beef up the HQ. These augmentees will make it possible to undertake a further challenge: establishing a combat training school on the…

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