Combat first aid: the Ukrainians’ favourite training

By: Captain Jean-Pierre Coulombe, Public Affairs Officer, Joint Task Force – Ukraine

During his visit, the Honourable Harjit S. Sajjan, Minister of National Defence, witnessed how Ukraine soldiers were enthusiastic about and interested in combat first aid training. Canadian soldiers designed the training program and give the course as part of Operation UNIFIER.

The ministerial delegation observed up close a demonstration of an enemy attack including a retreat to a defensive position. During the demonstrations, the Ukrainian trainees administered first aid under fire, while setting up a security perimeter.

“The Minister was pleased with the quality of the special effects during the demonstration. When he noticed the wounded soldier near the vehicle, he was impressed by the realism we create in our training,” said Sergeant Yann Gauthier, medical technician in charge of the training.

Each week, medical technicians give the combat first aid course to about 40 or 50 Ukrainians, until all battalion soldiers are trained. After the training, some candidates are then called upon to give the training alongside the Canadians and eventually take over the course themselves.

During a media interview, Minister Sajjan saluted the efforts of the medical personnel. “They gave a great demonstration of medical training, which also showed the importance of maintaining security.”

So far, over 160 individual first aid kits provided by the Government of Canada were distributed to Ukrainian…

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