Military Police continue to teach in Ukraine

By: Chief Instructor of the use-of-force course, Operation UNIFIER

From 29 February to 11 March 2016, ten instructors from the Canadian Armed Forces Military Police Group delivered, for the third time, an intensive training program on the use of force at Conference Hall Irpin in Kiev. The training is part of the third line of effort of Operation UNIFIER, which is aimed at enhancing the capabilities of the Ukrainian Military Police.

For most of the candidates, it was the first real training that they had received on the legal, psychological and physical aspects of police work. For the session, the best Ukrainian candidates from the previous two training sessions were invited to join the group of Canadian instructors. They met a few days before the arrival of Ukrainian students and prepared the lessons together.

It is essential to continue; the intention is to develop their capacity to take over as instructors and to one day include the concepts taught in the basic training of Ukrainian Military Police recruits––a project that is under development,” said the chief instructor who has participated in all of the training sessions, noting the progress made.

The 24 candidates come from different units. Some are employed in police patrol platoons, in detention centres or in special forces. The participants are also of different ranks, ranging from private to colonel. After the training, students must pass a theoretical exam and be assessed on their personal abilities and two…

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