Air Task Force – Iraq transitions its support to Coalition operations during Operation IMPACT

By: Air Task Force – Iraq Public Affairs

Airmen and airwomen line up on the flight line in front of a CF-188 Hornet while the sun heats the nearby desert. The Flight Commanders shout their first few words of command before the arrival of the special guests. 

Members of Air Task Force – Iraq participated in a mission transition parade on March 5, 2016. They commemorated the contributions of all Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) members who have deployed to conduct and support air operations since the beginning of Operation IMPACT. The event marked the CAF’s refocused mission as part of the multinational Coalition to halt and degrade the so-called Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL).

Lieutenant-General Michael Hood, Commander Royal Canadian Air Force, was the reviewing officer for the parade. He presented medals to members of the Air Task Force and offered gifts to members of the Kuwaiti Air Force and the United States Air Force.

“Canadians can be proud of the members of the Operation IMPACT Fighter Detachment, who through their professionalism and dedication, assured that the fighter contribution to the mission was expertly delivered,” said Lieutenant-General Hood. “Our personnel have delivered first-rate fighter operations on behalf of Canada in flying and leading complex missions, and by maintaining and supporting our fighters in action.”

The six CF-188 Hornets ended their mission on February 15, 2016. Since their first sortie on October 30, 2014, they conducted 1378…

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