Those Mystery Drone Swarms Spotted Over Colorado Could Be Targeting US Nuke Silos – Reports


Authorities across multiple counties in Colorado, Nebraska, Wyoming and Kansas have yet to provide a reasonable explanation about the nature and origin of the mystery drones spotted flying in formation over wide swathes of their states since observations began to be reported last month.

The unusual drones seen and heard buzzing around in remote areas of the US Midwest and Rocky Mountain region may be monitoring the hundreds of nuclear silos dotting the area, journalists and authors Corey Hutchins and David Axe speculate.

In a piece for the Daily Beast, the observers pointed out that some of the locations where the drones have been spotted border on Wyoming’s F.E. Warren Air Force Base, a sprawling military facility known to house the 90th Missile Wing and some 200 Minuteman nuclear intercontinental ballistic missiles in underground silos.

Each Minuteman missile packs “enough firepower to wipe out several cities,” Hutchins and Axe stressed.

The question that remains is whether the mystery drones, the sightings of which began in mid-December, are being used by the military itself, or are an attempt to breach the sensitive territories’ defences.

The US Army, Air Force and Navy are all known to operate thousands of drones of various sizes and modifications, from the small air-plane sized $220 million Global Hawk spy drones to smaller radio-controlled scout UAVs. The US Air Force is also known to have developed small…

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